Learn Away: Creating an Award Winning Culture through the HR Life Cycle

Thu 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Topic: Managing Employees

Creating an Award Winning Culture through the HR Life Cycle · Building a Buzz about your Brand - what do you do differently than other organizations? How do you become the go-to organization that employees want to work at? It's not all about offering a ping pong table or a keg in the break room. You need to know what the workforce wants, and be able to provide a value proposition to your audience. If you can't offer the top dollar or the best benefit layout, what can you offer? Flexible schedule to tend to work/life fit? Mentorship? We often ask job candidates "why should I hire you over everyone else I've interviewed?" We need to be answering the same question for them. · Posting to Hire - what story does your public persona tell? If I Google your company, what sort of results am I going to get? It's best if you are proactive and write the story yourself, instead of waiting for others to do it for you. We wanted to be one of the best places to work in town. So we knew we had to get the word out. Glassdoor and Indeed are huge influencers in todays market. I'd say about 60-70 of applicants mention our high Glassdoor rating in the first interview. That's our brand. We don't have the best benefits. We don't pay top dollar. But when we post, we have a hook in every job description, hashtag Best Places everywhere, and even insert it in our offer letters! · Training Matters - the term "self efficacy" is one we need to get comfortable with. Imagine you are stepping onto a plane to go on vacation, when the Flight Attendant pulls you aside and tells (not asks) you that you'll be flying the plane today. Solo. How confident are you that you are able to do that? Not likely, right? So why do we do the same thing with our employees? Find the best way to put them in the "flight simulator" seat and get their wings, or else they are going to crash and burn. · Create and Review your Open Door Policy - the term "open door" was meant to cultivate an open and fostering environment where managers remain approachable. This isn't just for policy violations and harassment claims. Often our employees grow to trust members of the management team and their judgment, so it's likely that they may want to approach the same individuals with challenges they are facing. When this is done, while maintaining healthy boundaries, it will create a deep sense of loyalty and trust, driving engagement up. · Coach & Lead vs. Boss & Manage - employees today don't want a boss, they want a coach. And a coach is really just someone who can help them get better at their craft! This includes timely and effective coaching. A coach in the NFL doesn't wait 3 weeks to tell Tom Brady he threw an interception- it's immediate, spot-on, and is meaningful to their development. Redefining this role will impact performance management for years to come! · How you offboard employees is incredibly important. Avoid showing bitterness or retaliation when someone moves on. Instead, find ways to wish them well and send them off in style (going away cake, positive reference, etc.). There is a chance they may know someone who can replace them, or possibly they even will "boomerang" back to your organization if things don't work out in their new role. Create fans and promoters, not disgruntled exes.

Speaker(s): Zach Townsend, PHR, SHRM-CP, is an HR professional with over ten years of experience in the HR & Training industry. His work includes building multiple companies into sustaining award-winning cultures, including earning top honors at the Best Places to Work in Idaho ceremony. By day he is the HR Director at Verified First, a pre-employment an background check company. By night he is an Adjunct Professor at Boise State University, teaching Staffing & Training. In addition, he consults with businesses on culture, engagement, and driving people results. He is a Gallup-certified StrengthsFinder coach, and holds a Master's degree in HR Management from the University of Connecticut.

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