Business Plan Bootcamp - Online Program - Instructor-led online Course

On Demand
Until Aug 28
Topic: Business Basics

This course is offered as online format that includes many online videos to guide you in the process of building your business plan. Session 1: Arrive with an Idea, Leave with an Outline. You'll learn all of the key aspects of a business plan: how to describe your company, the problem you solve and the solution you bring, the types of potential customers you intend to focus on and the group that represents your primary market, who your competition is, what goes into your financial projections, how to set milestones and how to build a management team. Session 2: Building the Business Plan In this session you will begin building a detailed business plan out. Session 3: Adding the Financial Projections & Marketing Spreadsheet Final assembly of a business plan including financial projections. You'll also build a pitch that you can use to sell your idea to potential investors, associates or employees. Your instructor/advisor will be able to review your plan and meet with you for counseling online. Individual business counseling available free of charge to participants in this training.

To register go to, Click on the Small Business catalog, Now click on the Starting Your Business catalog, Click on the green course number link and choose the date of the class you want, continue checking out. Please call if you have any questions or having any trouble getting registered. 503-491-7658 or email Payment will be processed at time of registration.

Fee: $ 70.00