Learn at Lunch: Develop Your Unique Post-COVID Strategy

Thu 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

This event has been canceled

Topic: Managing a Business

We hear and read so much about what's coming after COVID...some helpful, some contradictory, some pure baloney! The trouble is: it doesn't apply directly to OUR Business, OUR Situation, OUR set of Values and Perceptions. This interactive, hands-on one-hour Zoom class bridges that gap. You will be challenged to think about the key factors and forces that drive YOUR industry, and to consider those forces BEFORE and then AFTER the pandemic. What's changed, in your best estimation? You will discover what you anticipate the impacts of those changes will be for your current customers and possible new prospects. You will discover what wise strategic responses might be to those new factors and where you should go from there. In this hour, we will only scratch the surface, but it will be enough for you to take the reigns and develop an appropriate response for your business.

Speaker(s): John Lamy - Lamy Consulting

There is a pre-work assignment for this class which will be emailed to all registrants along with instructions. You can register up to 2 people per business for one $20.00 fee.

Fee: $ 20.00

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